2020 Winners

Congratulations to the 2020 Winners

Rank Avatar Nickname Bankroll
1st Avatar isenor146 1126.90
2nd Avatar mattbytes 1114.30
3rd Avatar dommy 1067.50
4th Avatar edthediceman 1058.50
5th Avatar Justin2005 1039.00
6th Avatar dacodave 1033.3

Most Wins

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1st Avatar bman2758 44

Hey challenge admin why can’t we respond to people’s comments. Can write a response to someone in the box but don’t see no send button

SR Vegas reply to itchy ..test 4 months ago
SR Vegas itchyone...i typed in a reply to you in the comment box and hit 'enter' on my keyboard. But the reply is very hard to read as the font is white on... Show more 4 months ago